Corona Crisis – How You Can Support Italy

Updates on the Corona virus outbreak in Italy and the Venice Region


Note from the authors of A Garden in Venice: The image above shows Bergamo (Lombardy), which is the city most hit in Italy by the outbreak of the Corona virus. Another city suffering extremely is Brescia, located approx. half-way between Bergamo and Verona.

The calls for help Italy made to the governments in Europe went unheard. Between 20 and 21 March, almost 800 people died of the virus in Italy: So far, more people died in Italy than in China. Italy receives support (masks, protective wear for doctors) from China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Russia. Doctors from these countries also work at hospitals in Italy to save lives and support / replace their Italian colleagues, as some Italian doctors tested positive.

A few days ago, several online initiatives to help Italy, the Veneto and Venice during the worst situation since 1630 (outbreak of the bubonic plague) were set up. We are sharing the ones we know of below. Each of them is confirmed, run by people we know, and is also supported by the local newspapers La Nuova Venezia and Il Gazzettino. In addition, we share the general link to donate to the Italian Red Cross.

Thank you so much for taking a look, and for your support which can save lives !!!!!!

1. Links to donate to Italian Hospitals and the Italian Red Cross

2. Information on the Corona Outbreak in Venice and Italy.

Links to useful sites (please check often for updates):

WHO European Office: What is also interesting to know is that the European department of the WHO (World Health Organization) is located at the Venetian hospital!

Local emergency number