My First Ebook: Autumn in Venice


Autumn in VE

My first ebook, Autumn in Venice, has just been published !!

In time for mezzastagione – mid autumn.

The style of this book is haptic. 65 Pages. Intense, immersive, captivating with lots of colorful illustrations, photos and recipes. You will discover ancient Venetian soul food. Seasonal spice mixtures at the Rialto Market. Velvety squash and spicy comfort soups. Plus – a favorite with our Venetian guests – a recipe for lemon-cardamom cake, dating back to the 15th century. Home-made winter tea and liquorice-flavored almond milk. Many more easy recipes for you to taste at home.

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In the Venetian color wheel, autumn is tinted azure-golden. Like the quinces you can see above at the Rialto Market. The old ginkgo trees next to Piazza San Marco, clad in golden foliage. To me, the most flamboyant autumn fruit are the mele cotogne – from this ancient fruit, we make cotognata – solid bricks of jam, used to spice up seasonal dishes in Venice.


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La Venessiana_Autumn Book

You’ll also virtually enjoy our glowing orange-colored squash season, taste autumn rose marzipan cakelets. Seasonal pasta and risotti. Recipes for All Saints Day, San Martino, and of course, La Festa della Salute.

Autumn in Venice starts in the first part of October and lasts until end-November. The Festa della Salute marks the end of autumn, referring us to the quiet season, as  the ancient Venetian farmers’ calendars write. These old books mark November as the start of a new season, which we will celebrate in this ebook.

apples for the saluteAmongst other seasonal Venetian topics and pictures, you’ll immerse yourselves into:


  • acqua altaThe ancient restoring fruit drink, a Venetian sweet vin brulé, enjoyed during the Festa della Salute

  • The history of the trabacolo boat, and an ancient menu

  • Venetian gardens clad in red-orange-gold-emerald autumn colors

  • 20 recipes, warming soul food delights. Autumn sponge cakes and tangerine syrup. Our favorite winter drinks and puddings.

  • My grandmother’s heartwarming autumn risotti, mixing velvety pieces of orange-emerald green squash and uva passa-raisins and figs

  • How to make a real Venetian cioccolata densa – flavored with cardamom and vanilla

salute festa

To buy the ebook, please click on the book cover  below.

Enjoy your virtual autumn stroll in Venice!!

My first book!!



Andare in giro per calli e campi, senza itinerario prestabilito, è forse il più bel piacere che a Venezia uno possa prendersi. Infilare una calletta, caccarsi nella gola nera di un sottoportico, sbucare in una corte che pare un cul di sacco, trovarvi il pertugio di un’altra calletta, uscire da quel dedalo soffocato in un campo arioso, luminoso, pieno di gente, oppure sulle soglie di un palazzone principesco, oppure su una fondamenta aperta al sole e al vento, oppure su un rio largo, popolato di barche e barchoni: questo è un girare nell’inaspettato, nell’impreveduto, e quasi nell’inverosimile, che può ricordarci addirittura le nostre stupende e stupite scorribande per il chimerico paese della Fanciulezza.

Why people are invariably drawn to Venice, and the benefit of taking a long walk in town.  – Diego Valeri



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