Pesce di San Pietro and the First Lagoon Vegetables of the Year

We always look forward to the last week of March when – usually – the first produce (le primizie) growing on the Lagoon islands is arriving at the markets in Venice. On the blog, we inaugurate this special time by introducing you to a favorite fish recipe accompanied by candied tomatoes. Read More

Do you know bigolì in Cassopipa?

In the last few days, Venice was hit by a very cold spell, you may have seen images of the city and Lagoon covered by snow 😦  The good news is that this white blanket has gone. Read More

La Cucina dei Dogi – Venetian Palatial Cuisine

Here is my basic Venetian cookbook that I often refer to when describing historical recipes from Venice (I used to devour it when I was a child): A Tavola con i Dogi by Pino Agostini. It was first published in 1991 and has an insightful introduction written by Alvise Zorzi. The books really makes readers understand and aware that historical Venetian cuisine is so much more than mainstream Italian cooking. Read More