Il Kifer – My Favorite Almond Brioche

Venice was basking in the sun last weekend, just in time for Easter. You could definitely eat breakfast outside on my favorite campo in the neighborhood, Campo della Bragora in Castello. I love the spring morning light flooding this wide campo and its oleander bushes that will soon be covered with white vanilla-scented blossoms.

Making spring soup in Venice

Venetian grandmothers only use dadi di brodo (soup cubes) when there’s some sort of “culinary” emergency (all of their parsley and winter herbs died during particularly cold weather – it just happened once …). Usually, we have garden and wildย herbs thriving on aย sunny window sill andย there’s a more protected, moist and quiet place for those […]

Archeologia in Cucina: Unearthing ancient culinary knowledge

Venice has always been a culinary center. Banquets during the times of the Republic were legendary, but … 95% of the thousand-year old knowledge on food and cooking, healthy recipes based on herbs and spices is not available to the public any more. It’s “stored away” in convents, public and private libraries.