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Welcome to Cucina Speziata, our Food + Spice Journal from Venice! Cucina Speziata means spice cuisine, and on this website, we share the family dishes and recipes you seldom encounter in Venice as a tourist.

We are Iris and Lina, authors of the Venice Travel and Lifestyle Blog, and we are so happy to meet you here in our private space !!! In addition to writing this slow travel blog, we love exploring how herbs and spices were used in Venice to cook and manufacture beauty products, perfumes and natural remedies for more than 1,200 years. It’s the old world and we think that we can all benefit from this forgotten knowledge about healthy and simple foods and remedies.

Lina opened several restaurants and a hotel in Venice since 1945. She also worked as cooking instructor much of her life. In 2017, Lina celebrated her 95th birthday! Iris studied socioeconomics and economic history of Venice and wrote her thesis on ecology and urbanization of the Lagoon of Venice. Ever since, she has been avidly learning from her Venetian grandmother, Lina, to cook historical and healthy Venetian food.

We invite you to take a look, browse our food stories, market views, recipes and seasonal menus. We are also writing a series of culinary ebooks, to be published in late 2018, whic contains. If you would like to follow along and learn more about Venice, we invite you to subscribe to our Monthly Venice Email Magazine below. We will also send your our Secret Venice Mini Guide immediately!

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