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What Is So Special About Venetian Food ?

In this post we tell you about the benefits of the traditional Venetian cooking style ! The food you get to eat in Venice is based on recipes going back to long-held traditions. Here you can taste the ingredients people cooked with in pre-industrialization times.

In Venice, we bake in a way that allows natural flavors to come through. We don’t use, for example, enhancers like refined sugar but we love cane sugar and honey, two favorite ingredients in Venetian food for more than 1200+ years.

af20a0d782b311bcaf3dae234298ee62Our grandmother’s upbringing definitely contributes to her passion for natural ingredients and fresh produce, and for years, she has been harvesting herbs, fruit, vegetables and blossoms in her own little garden in Venice. The value of eating seasonally is taken for granted, and Grandmother’s family were eating organically long before it became fashionable. Learning to become self-sufficient was a must during the dire times of WW2.

“If we were hungry, we didn’t go and open the door of the fridge but went out into the garden and picked an orange, a few leaves of basil or succulent home-grown tomatoes. “

Of course, the climate in the Lagoon is also favorable so you get home-grown vegetable for 8 months a year. In the winter or early spring, the lack of fresh produce was palpable too, so dried fruit, herbs, vegetables, syrups and in particular, spices, were used to enhance food and drinks. This food also acted as prevention for or a cure when somebody caught a cold.

Spices, herbs and dried fruit also excellent ingredients if you would like to start a detox program. More about that in our next article !


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